Master the ultimate method to attain maximum rewards on Rummyares!

Step 1: Register and Invite

get bonus 51 rs

friends invited 160 rs

1、Sign up using my link to create a game ID and instantly acquire a 51 rupee reward. You can invite family members, binding their phones to earn this reward.

2、Utilize your game ID link to invite new players who, upon registration and recharge, fetch you an 80 rupee reward. Remember, adhere to platform guidelines and avoid exceeding two IDs.

Total Rewards: 51 Rupees + 160 Rupees

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Step 2: Recharge on Monday for First-time and VIP Rewards

1. Use your new game ID (bind it with your mobile number for a 51 Rupees bonus) to recharge 1000 Rupees on Monday, and gain an additional 100 Rupees for the first recharge, totaling 151 Rupees..

2. Additionally, your 1000 Rupees recharge will yield a 2% bonus, which means 20 Rupees.

3. Upon achieving VIP1 status, recharge 10 Rupees on Tuesday to receive a 50 Rupees reward.

get bonus 151 rs

get bonus 1000 rs

get bonus 10 rs

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get bonus 50 rs

Total Rewards: 151 Rupees + 20 Rupees + 50 Rupees

Through these steps, you'll accumulate the following rewards: 51 + 160 + 51 + 100 + 20 + 50 = A grand total of 432 Rupees! This equates to a 43% reward on your recharge amount. Furthermore, you can make your experience even more thrilling by exploring the Dragon Tiger formula. To learn more about Dragon Tiger gameplay, search "rummyares Dragon Tiger tutorial" on YouTube. rummy ares.

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Step 3: Accumulate Rewards for Enhanced Enjoyment

I've already become a VIP9 player on Rummyares. I immensely enjoy playing on this platform and am enthusiastic about sharing my experience. This platform not only allows me to relish in gaming but also enables me to earn money effortlessly. Both playing games and sharing have proven profitable for me. Each game entails distinct strategies that require some time to master:

1、Invite players through sharing and receive rewards at different levels without any upper limit.

friends invited 200rs

Invite the first recharge player to get 160 rupees, the second 180 rupees, and the third after that are all 200 rupees. There is no upper limit.

2、You'll also be eligible for rewards when your downline players achieve wins.

get bonus 30%

3、Based on your previous week's commission earnings, you'll receive extra rewards.

get bonus 500 rs

For instance, if your downline generated 1000-3000 Rupees in commissions last week, you'll receive an additional 500 Rupees on Monday.

4、There's an advancement reward system: If your commission earnings surpass the previous week's, you'll receive an additional 50% on the excess amount.


This comprehensive understanding stems from my thorough research on the Rummyares platform. If you find it fitting, kindly use my link to download the game. This not only doesn't cost you anything but also grants me extra rewards. Let's revel in the joy and profits of Rummyares together!

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